November 20, 2009

Santa, I've been real good this year.

I'm just a little spoiled Loved around my parts.
I'm told a lot that I don't do enough for myself.
Which could be a smidgin of the truth.

So, this year for a early Christmas present my AUHMAZING Mommy has decided she is going to fill my closet with some of the goodies I have been swooning over since they hit the rack!

My Mom= the. coolest. momma. ever.
I love her to the moon and back.
Truth be told.
I'm a bargain shopper ladies.
Delia's is my place, always has been, always will be...

Ugh, Im in love with you.
I can't wait to snuggle up in you.
PS: I love your little Anchor buttons.
Find it here.These are definitely my favortie of the Season. Find here.
PS: I can't wait to wear you with my little black dress, my cozy gray cardi, and those sweet gray tights.

Find it here, along with some more scarfness.

Whew. I love me some Delia's.

I think if I ever met her, I would have to confess my undying love for her.

Alright, I'm done swooning ladies. Have an amazing weekend. I promise by Monday you will have pics of Little Yellow House.




Martinis or Diaper Genies? said...

all 3 of those together are the hotness. for real.

bananas. said...

that jacket is the ish, lady. i hope you get it! actually, hope you don't mind...i might get it too! i've always wanted a yellow coat.

ps. your mama is awesome!

Kristin said...

You need those boots! I have them and they're fabulous! What a stylish trio of pieces lady!