November 17, 2009

Just a little break.

I know 7 days ago I promised you I would post pics of this little place we now call home, but girls...I needed a break. Things have been crazy around these parts lately. Unpacking, IDA coming through and doctors appointments. Yeah, there's too much going on for my little head to keep up with. Seriously, its been quite draining. Last Tuesday I started on new medication, actually 2 different types of meds. I have HypoThyroid, which means I am a fatty patty these days. Gaining this much weight (Momma always said Ladies never ever reveal thier true weight) in the amount of time I have gained it has seriously drained me, emotionally and physically. So, with that being said, Dr. Makemymouthwater (my doc is quite the hotty pants) up'd my thyroid meds and said I needed a metabolism boost so gave me some Adipex to help me jumpstart my weight loss journey. Girls, if you don't know about Adipex, it makes you feel like you could run a TRILLION miles. So, now that I'm this journey to fit into some skinnies I will be updating you along the way, wish me luck! Lets move onto this weekend.

This weekend was one of the best weekends a girl could have. It all started Thursday when Mergz came down. We really got the chance to sit down and look at her wedding plan book and go over colors, dresses and decor! Loved every stinkin minute of it. Rewind a little bit. Tuesday I entered Hubbs into a Military appreciation giveaway. I had to write why I thought he deserved to win. Because well, he's just an amazing kind of guy and he totally deserves it... well, Thursday night around 7, Dana from Cat Country, called me!!! How crazy is that?? I was completely shocked, I was certain some one else had already been picked. Justin won Lynard Skinner tickets, 2 free 1 hour massages, and $1oo gift certificate to Melting Pot. WOO HOO! So, Justin decided not to go to the concert, but he had OH so much fun playing Rumy with me and Mergz... I mean come one, who wouldn't love playing cards with two AUHMAZING gals like us?? I kid, I kid. Saturday, was filled with all of Mergz favorite things to do! Christmas Jubilee is heaven for ladies who LOVE Christmas. There are vendors out the WAHZOO there. Ahh...shopaholic LOVE. After we spent almost 4 hours there we decided to head off to get our complimentary massages...Girls, I have to be honest, I've never ever had a massage, woah woah woah, ladies it was heaven and now something I have to give into everysinglemonth. Also, it was an awesome way to spend the day with your bestie. Oh, to top the day off, we got sushi, YUM. So, you see my weekend was full of relaxation. Just what I needed after these last few weeks. I have been popping in and out catching up slowly but surely on your post. I will be back with pics tomorrow of the house, but I make no promises. Like said its just been too dang busy around here. I've sure missed you girls and your comments!!

Much Love,


Kristin said...

A massage with your bestie? Sounds like heaven. What a fun win! Sorry about all the med woes. : )

bananas. said...

hope the meds start working soon. i hear that thyroid problems leads to feeling completely drained and tired. and what's this adipex?! how and where can i get me some!

Jenni said...

A massage and the melting pot!? EEK! That is WONDERFUL!!!!
I hope those meds start working soon. Dr. oz was talking about people with thyroid problems yesterday. The plus side is that it can be managed! It just takes time... Feel better!

Stefany said...

I hope your meds start working. I would love Adipex! lol

I am glad you had a great weekend!

♥Aubrey said...

Hope you start feeling more like yourself again soon hun. Did you know that Prozac also is a weigh-loss drug? Yep...Yep!!!

Catherine Anne said...

Sorry Im just getting this! After reading the above post aswell I see you are feeling better! We all have days weeks months as this. I know I blog about it too. How nice it is to have the support of your blogging friends. I wanted you to know Adipex can make you feel snappy and sad so if you start to feel this way know that its the Adipex. I took itlong ago after having Little Man. Hugs)))