November 23, 2009

I promised.

It's Monday, its late, and of course I'm still whining about saying good bye to the weekend. I had a long relaxing weekend with the 3 loves of my life.
We walked everywhere this weekend...have I ever mentioned just how beautiful Historic Mobile is? It's breathtaking. We have decided that afternoon walks are going to be a new family affair for us. My camera didn't have enough battery to go on these merry little walk with us, thus is why I do not have pictures of the beautiful little downtown town we live in.
I know I promised you pictures and I did take a few, although it has taken me 10 years a few weeks to get them to you... We're not completely finished with decorating, so it doesn't look all put together yet...but Christmas is just around the corner and we'll be buying lots and lots of new things to put the perfect touch on our little place.
I didn't go crazy wild with pics, but I did pick out my favorite parts of the house. I have a lot to do to this little place. When I'm done perfecting every little thing, you will get the whole shabang. For now, go 'head, take a look.

It's a beautiful sight, while sipping on my coffee and beinganosyneighbor watching those little birdies sit in that tree. This is probably my most fav part of the house.
Your probably wondering why I posted this picture and how it goes together..
Well, these little flowers are a reminder of my biological Mother. I bought her the same ones and sat them on her grave...the cross reminds me of heaven... it's a promise, that I won't have to sit flowers on her grave one day.
That chandiler is over 200 years old. Vintage? I think so.
You see that little 1st little object with some writing on it...I got that on my wedding day.."I kiss better than I cook." Which was very true the first few years of our marriage.
That anchor is more than 60 years old and it was passed down to me from my Great Grandfather...I don't remember him, but pictures are worth a million words.
That little candle holder is the silliest looking thing I own. My nephew gave me the candle and the holder for my wedding shower, I've had it for 4 years and it's little home has always been in my kitchen.My Mommy gave me this to me as my house warming present, along with the goodies inside.
She is so amazing. It's perfect sitting in the little corner in my dining room.
There you go. You've seen a few of my favorite things. There will be more later on down the road. Right now, it's way too late and I need to get to bed. Stephanie and Jesse will be here Wednesday and I have so much to do. I made Hubb's Grandmother's Cornbread dressing first time ever attempting this...wish me luck I don't make their faces turn green.
Night Night Ya'll,


Shea Posey said...

Shelves built into a window? Gorgeous!!! And that chandelier is soooo pretty!! You're making your new house look magnificent!!

Kristin said...

I am completely swooning over that gorgeous chandelier! You have some lovely items lady.

brooke said...

awww!!! YEY!!! house photos...i love that yellow house of yours!! LOVE IT!!! and that chandelier!!!!! wow...LOVE IT!!!

Catherine Anne said...

I love it!!!