November 4, 2009

I missed Y O U!

Oh my goodness Dolls, it has been too long. I hope you all had an amazing weekend!! I absolutely had a GUH-REAT weekend....MINUS wet grass + my clumsy feet = MY SPRAINED FOOT. Oh yes, you read exactly right... SPRAINED ladies, t-minus 4 hours before we went trick or treating. I forgot how much I HATE crutches. How bad a sprained ankle sucks. So, I had to sit in the car while my little Vampy and Ballerina trick or treated up and down the hills in the sadden my heart, but they totally put a smile on my face with their little cute selves. Look at my munchins, they are just too cute, they make their Momma P R O U D.

Excuse the quality of these pics, my darling Hubbs took pics while I was standing on one foot on those LOVING crutches. So, here you have my little baybay's. Aren't they just precious. Said they make their Momma PROUD!

On to some more great news we move into Little Yellow house this weekend, I KNOW I KNOW!!! WOO HOO!!! EXCITEMENT RIGHT? DUUUURRRHH!!!!

Well, I'm off to totally catch up on all of ya'lls stuff. I have missed ya'll UBER much!!! Glad to be back for tonight...tomorrow we will be moving boxes to the house and through next week we will be getting unpacked...I won't be around here for a a few days but I will be back with pics of OUR little house. Hope ya'll are having a wonderful week.

Love ya'll bunches,


carrie1 said...

The kiddos look adorable!

Sorry to hear about your sprained foot. =(

JennyMac said...

Sorry about the injury. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Cute they be ANY cuter? no.

~KS said...

Oh my... your little ones are precious!! Especially love your daughter's tutu!!