October 5, 2009

A weekend full of L o v e.

Monday, please go away.
Why do we have these days?
Where nothing goes right.
I forgot my camera this weekend.
BOOO to forgetful-ness.
So there will be no awesome photos from this weekend.
Oh SNAP! I almost forgot to tell you!!
I got to spend some well deserved us time with Hubbs.
We danced and sang the night away with Train.
Yes the Band.
Did I mention it was perfect.
Just him and I. No babies.
Thank God for last minute babysitters.
Hubbs is soooo amazing.
To top my week/weekend, I got to spend some time with Daddy.
He was down to put up fencing for Bay Fest.
So we spent last night listening to some great country tunes.
And dancing, yes I dance with my Daddy.
I enjoyed every minute of it.
But I am still adjusting to the "new wife".
She makes it weird.
Why is it so hard for me?
I don't understand.
I know for our relationship to grow, I have to make it work with her too.
Im trying.
This is all that matters, right??
I probably could use some advice.
So give it to me ladies...
So, my weekend was great.
How about ya'lls???
And Monday,
I still think you need to go away!
Ya'll Take Care,