October 26, 2009

Theres No place like..

Bloggy Land.
Ladies, Ladies, Ladies, I have been TOTAL MIA the past 5 days! I'm so sorry I left you on a whim, I've just had a million things to do lately and bloggy land was on my list, but I just passed out before I got to it! I did post..but I was being a Drama Llama....which I hate being. So, I deleted it. If you read it please forgive me for being so negative. I'm really not that person, but I am a girl who does get her feelings hurt and a girl who tries her hardest to see the good in everyone, even though i can still taste their poison.

On a happier note, Nicholas attended a birthday party at Pump it Up. If your not sure what that is, it's a huge room full of blow up slides and jump houses!! A kids dream room, right...WRONG. Nicholas hated it the first 45 minutes we were there. I even tried taking him in one of the jump houses and he FREAKED...OUT! Like total 2 year old temper tantrum...but worse, 3 year old temper tantrum, SCREAMING like I was murdering him and kicking like a professional karate kid...baha..it was a little embarrassing to say the least, finally my monster got in and played!!
I got that silly feeling of happiness/sadness in my heart when you realize your child is growing up, like for instance, when I tried to get in the jump house and play with him, he said and I quote, "Mommy this is for boys. You stand out there Mommy, Im going to play." Pointed finger, hand on hip...the whole nine yards. It was a bitter sweet moment to see his independence.

OH MY GOSH GIRLS!!!!! I so almost forgot to tell you! Mergz is getting MARRIED!!!!! Can I get a WOOP WOOP!! Girls, as you know Mergz is my amazing best friend. She did a guest post for me a few months ago while I was on a girls trip to the beach and I will be MAKING asking her to guest post again this week to tell you about her and her and groom to be, Zach. Where it all began and leading up to the proposal! I know ya'll can't resist a good love story!! So, I thought this would be a perfect post to celebrate her engagement!! I can't tell you the excitement in my heart for her. As soon as I found out, I went to Etsy and looked for some wedding stuff! I found the cutest shop there! MAU Promos I found this and I absolutely HEART the idea of these. So, of course I showed her what I had found...she loved it!
She also claims I am more excited about planning this wedding than she is and she's probably right, but her happiness makes my heart ecstatic and her day deserves to be more than perfect!! From the very bottom of my heart I believe everyone deserves to be happy and I'm glad God sent her just that. So, CONGRATS Mergz, I love you and I just knew you would get your
happily ever after!
So Dolls, I need to go. Its late and the Golden Girls are on...I can't pass up a good Golden Girls Marathon! Those ladies make me laugh like none other. So as I pop some popcorn and pour myself a glass of tea, I hope your weekend was awesome and week is just as fantab! I have a majillion and one things to do before Friday gets here! We are going to the rents' house for Halloween, can't wait to take my little vampy and ballerina out trick or treating! Saturday we are going to The Pumkin Patch and I can't wait to take a train ride, wagon ride and to pick pumkins with my precious peas and hang with some great family and AUHMAZING Friends!!!
Here's to a Terrific Tuesday Ya'll,


Kristin said...

Don't you just LOVE a good tempter tantrum. The dude is becoming a master when I tell him no. Sigh. Those wedding stickers are flippin' adorable! I'm off to check out your bestie. Hope things are looking up for you. : )

Catherine Anne said...

Love your post

JennyMac said...

Welcome back! And Nicholas = ADORABLE. But you already know that.

Have a great week.

~KS said...

That birthday party looks like a blast... and a good release of energy!!
And congrats to your soon-to-be-married friend!! How exciting!!!
Hope you enjoyed the Golden Girls marathon... they're never bad!!