October 20, 2009

Nana na na! Hey Hey Hey! Im back!

It's Tuesday and we haven't spoken since Friday ladies. Well, let's get down to biz dolls. Yes, infact I did have the SWINE and so did my precious baybays. Poor little guys. Ehh Hmm....if your wondering how it felt....it felt like death. Total d e a t h. I felt like I had a 800lb something sitting on my back and my lungs felt like they were going to EXPLODE. Not to mention the horrifc headache and deep in my bones aches that came along with it. Urgh to stupid dirty pigs. Okay, so now that I got that off my chest, how was ya'lls weekend loves?? We are recovering. My back now feels like there is only 200lbs on it...joy right? Nope. But hey, Im up and kickin it with the kiddos and their lime green snot.....I know, its a little TMI, but I thought I'd let you all enjoy the image as much as I am! The pic of the pig in my last post was perfect...snot and all. This image was clearly drawn by someone who had the Swine. Did I mention the day we were diagnosed it dropped to like 50 degrees...YES!!! Fall is back!! Excitement!!! Wait!! What am I saying??!! Truth be told this made me a little angry, due to the fact I had to sit inside and only dream of sitting on my balcony drinking hot coco in the cool cool breeze. This week temps are on the rise again...meaning Fall will fall back to nowhere land down here in the south..Fall would you please just stick around...I love you oh so much! So, Hubbs has not yet came down with swine yet, but he's sneezing and he vows that if he takes Robitussin Cold and Flu Day and Night, he will not encounter this feeling of near death experience. I can only hope he doesn't! I'm not quite sure if it's just male species or if its just Hubbs..but he totally acts like Mega Baby when he's sick. So, Mr. Swine Flu stay away from Hubbs, I would very much like to keep my sanity. Ladies, you have to understand how much love I have for this man, I would totally travel around the world twice for him if need be, I just like to watch his expressions when he reads my blog. Its funny. He truly is the key to my heart and as much of a hard time I give him he knows he's amazing to me... He took the greatest care of us this weekend. He woke up EVERY SINGLE TIME the kids woke up, cooked, clean and gave us all our meds. Plus he even made a little trip to china town to get me some yummy soup. He didn't even complain once. Dang, I am a lucky gal. I guess I can handle it if he gets infected by the pigs. Alright, so we covered everything except the GREAT NEWS I got from my mother yesterday!! My mother has GERD which you can read about here. In my mothers case her stomach was pushed into her esophagus. Which means she had a HUGE surgery last year. Friday they did a endoscopy to see why she has started choking again. They found the wrapping from her last sugery came undone and they had to wrap it again. Also, if this is not the case she will have to endure that dreadful surgery again. Yesterday Dr. L called and told her that they found no cancer, no tumors and that her biopsy was clear of everything. But, she is high risk for cancer because all of the scaring in her esophagus. Which isn't the best news but its in God's hands. She will have to go in every 6mo-1year for a biopsy. I couldn't be any happier that everything is alright with her right now. Thank you all for your words of encouragement and your prayers! You ladies are the best bloggy besties EVER. Im off to do some much needed laundry and my living room is a HAWT mess.
Here's to NO more SWINE FLU in this house!
Have a great Tuesday Ladies,


Jules said...

Glad you are all feeling better.:-)

Catherine Anne said...

Im so happy you are now feeling better! Very sorry you had the dreaded swine!

Kristin said...

You poor thing. You guys are in my thoughts and your Mom in my prayers. : )

brooke said...

WHAAAT?!?!? SWINE?!?! NOOOO!!!! you poor gal!!! boo swine flu you are a DIRTYFILTHYPIG!!

so glad you are on the recovery road dear!!! cause uh.you have a move to prepare for!!! YEYEY YELLOW HOUSE!!!!

and ALSO YEY FOR YOUR MA!!!! amazing amazing news!!! YEY!!