October 14, 2009

Mr. Sunshine, please start shining on us again.

Hi Dolls.

Today is kind of a bummer for me. My heart is torn to peices and every time I think that my life is starting to look up up and up, it comes crashing down...

I hate writing on such a deep level. I love reading blogs that are filled with happiness. So bare with me... this little blog of mine is usually happy, without a worry in the world kind of approach. But for today, I can't get this information out of my head. Its almost killing me inside.

I might not post again till after Friday, I have something going on thats getting the best of me, but I will infact let you all know whats going on Saturday. If not then, look for me Sunday.

Just know I'm alright. My Mother just needs your prayers.

Here's to having faith and looking towards a better tomorrow.



brooke said...

OH BABE!!!! i am so so so so very sorry for whatever is going wrong for you right now...i am right there with you!!! and of course prayers for your mother!

nicole addison said...

im sorry girl. your moms in my prayers lady. lots of love to you :)