October 11, 2009

I Give Good What? Yess!!!

First and Foremost I have to say, I am amazed by the blogs I read everyday, they inspire me to be a better writer. I only wish I could write half as amazing as these ladies do. When I started this blog I gave you the spill...like my whole life story... spill. Being that this is my 60th post reminds me of a time when I thought about throwing in the towel on this blog ...but I'm no quitter. So I started writing more and more. I think this little blog of mine is actually starting to shape up and Im proud of it, if I do say so myself.

So, I am happier than ever to accept and present these awards, Welcome Ya'll.
JennyMac over at Let's Have a Cocktail is by far one of my most favorite blogs. As I have said before, she makes me laugh... A LOT. Her humor and wit are supurb. Thank you JennyMac for giving me the I Give Good Blog Award and the Honest Scrap Award...Its an honor.
You see, this is a very special occasion and I had to look my best.
So of course I went straight to the closet and broke out one of my favs from
Robert Rodriguez's Black Label.

And of course I can't live without my Jimmy Choos.

So without further ado...let's give some love out!

I want to pass the I Give Good Blog Award to 4 AWESOME bloggers. If I have given you a award before and am giving you another, its because Im in love with you...hahaha. No, it's because I think your blog is FANTAB and you deserve it. Or maybe I really do love you, you'll never know.

Catherine Anne at Blessed Adventures, your post are always so so positive. Your children are gorg! I think Ive told you that A MILLION TIMES.

Kristin at Bon Bon Rose, you always have the sweetest comments! Im also a little jealous I don't have mad style like you.
Brooke at Oofa Luffa Le, I adore you. Your post are always so alive and upbeat and Im always on the edge of my seat waiting for the next one. I def think a meet up is needed. I think you could be my long lost bff, haha.
Amanda at Martinis or Diaper-Genies, You recieve this not only because your blog is the greatest, but because we share the weirdest facisination with Todds n' Tiaras and you will attend my daughter's first ever Glitz pageant. Plus, you make me laugh, hard.
Congrats Ladies.

With the Honest Scrap Award comes some Honest Scrap about yours truly.

I met Hubbs at a skating rink when I was 11, he was my first kiss at 12. Don't judge.
I have 1 half sister from my biological parents and 5 other brother and sister's from my adopted family.
I am the baby out of all of them
I am quater hispanic and my 3 year old speaks more spanish than I do.
I grew up in Royal, Al and it has a population of maybe 500 people.
It has 3 churches, a ballfield, and the nearest store or gas station is 10 minutes away.
I suck at writing. Hence the fact that I went to summer school for English my Junior year.
I've had two Weddings, one in Wisconsin and one in Tennesee. Both to Hubbs.
I've always dreamed about becoming a psychologist.

I'm deathly afraid of feet. Yes I know, don't laugh.
Alright let's have a round of applause for those lovely ladies who give some dang good....

Nicole at My Teacups in Peony, You always leave the best comments. Your post are always so amazing. Plus the given, so honest!

Stefany at To. Be. Thode, You are awesome. Enough said. You know how I feel. haha.
Congrats Girls!!
Alright well, this sums up my awards show. Head on over to these blogs, these ladies are AUHMAZING.
Take Care and Happy Sunday Ya'll,


nicole addison said...

aww youre the sweetest girl :) thanks so much! congrats on the awards you deserve them!

Catherine Anne said...

oh wow, Girl you are so so sweet. This made me smile!!! Im new to the blog world, It will be a year in Jan and know not a thing about blog awards!~ Thank you and I have to say Im more then happy you didnt give up on your blog. Love my blog friends. Yeap Love em!

Kristin said...

Thanks lady. You're too kind. What fabulous company we're in! p.s. I'm STIL drooling over those Choos too!

Martinis or Diaper Genies? said...

I feel so special and sparkley!
Thank you thank you thank you! And I will front row at that pageant!

JennyMac said...

Well deserved Misses! And love the Honest Scrap.

Have a great night. And I love that dress and shoes!

Stefany said...

Sorry it took me so long to come by girly. Thanks for the award!

(I am sooo behind in my blog award postings. lol)

~KS said...

I have to say... that pink animal print shoe is to DIE for... love it!!