September 9, 2009

Wednesday you bring me Memories!

In all my 18 years of living in the small pea sized town of Royal, Alabama, I never realized its beauty. This weekend I had a chance to take it all in and it felt amazing to just breathe in the clean air.. . From the Winding little dirt roads, to the amazing view of the mountains through the tree tops, I enjoyed everybit of it. On the way to the cabin we had to take a little dirt road, on that dirt road is a very infamous bridge, Cry Baby Bridge. My Grandmother used to tell my very scary stories of this bridge and all other types of bridges, cemeteries, houses, a 8 year old, its the truth. I guess it stuck with me?? So on with this bridge, story is if you put a Baby Ruth, yes the candy bar, on the side of the bridge, you will hear a baby's cry, then when you run like hell from being scared POOPLESS, you eventually come back to see if the candy bar is still there and whenever you return, (like heck I would) its gone. I guess some infant crawls up and eats it, who knows. I didn't try any of this, but I did have to drive over it Saturday night, while it was raining, dark and spooky out. The driver in front of me was only going 20 mph and I WAS FREAKING OUT. But the Driver has a very good reason to why he was going so slow....Bleh, back to the story. Hubbs was griping about me having a panic attack in the drivers seat. Ehh Hmm. I was afraid the dang car was going to breakdown as soon as we cross it and a scary infant is going to jump out and eat me alive. Im a scare-deeeee cat when it comes to ghost, ghost stories, horror films, anything on the terms of scary. After watching The Ring when I was a Sophmore, Ive slept with the lights on. So anyways, I just thought I might tell you this little story. Who knows, it could be a grumpy old troll who lives under that bridge who likes to eat Baby Ruth's. But Im not going to try it out. I hope you enjoyed this little tale.
Have a great Day my Lovies!

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