September 12, 2009

My Dear friend Luke.

He was a great son, brother, uncle and most of all he was a great friend. The pain I feel dwells in my heart, my body is cold, I feel numb inside, I can't understand it. Ive known you for 17 years, where did the time go, where did all the hellos go? Graduation night was the last night I got to tell you good bye. I hope you can remember our good times. Our 5 year is almost here and your gone, never to give me a sarcastic remark...but in spirit I know you will always be, in our hearts. We will never forget you and your hair! Your red cheeks and your smart remarks.
You my friend will truly be missed.
We will never forget you.
I love you.
September 12, 2009


MommiesTimeOutToday said...

Sorry for your loss. It's never easy losing someone you love. Hang in there!

tori said...

just came over from SITS. sorry about the pain youre feeling over lossing your friend.