September 24, 2009

Paarrrrrrttttaaaaaayyyy.. like it's 2 thousand & Nine.

Ehh hmm, I am so sorry I was MIA yesterday. I had a million things to do and did none of them, I know, horrible right? Yes. Well, today I've almost accomplished all of these things, almost.
I still need to clean the house and wash Nicks clothes. This ALL has to be done before 8.
Have I mentioned in a while that Davony's 1st birthday is this Saturday???
Oh, thats right I have.
Well, I just thought I'd tell you one more time.
I just can't believe a year has gone by!
So, now I will show you her ADORABLE dress!!
I found it at Target for 12.99!
I know right? It's SUPER affordable and Totally Cute!!!!
Plus, it matches exactly with the colors in the theme!
Ahh!! I am Just SO EXCITED.

So You've seen the dress, here's her decorations!

Her Little Bitty Hat!
CupCake Balloon!
It's not everything but you get the drift.

One Excited Mama,


Shea said...

That dress is so cute! And I love the cupcake decorations. She's gonna have an awesome birthday.

Stefany said...

The dress is adorable! I love it! Oh, and cupcakes... too cute!

Annie said...

happy birthday to your little one! :)
the dress is very cute and the cupcake theme is so fun!
have a great weekend!

found your blog through brookes!

brooke said...

AAWWWW CUTE!!!! i love love love that dress!! and the cupcakes??! perfect!!!! love it!