September 21, 2009

Mission: Accomplished.

Mission: Home is where the heart is: Accomplished.

We got the news today...

It's OURS.

Little Yellow House, I am happy to call you mine.

I can't wait to move into your cozy rooms and cook in your kitchen.

November can't come any faster!

As I do back handsprings, I hope you all had a BLESSED MONDAY!!!

Here's to a huge back yard, new neighbors and a beautiful place to call our own,


nicole addison said...

so amazing, congratulations!! i can't wait to own my own home! xoxo

brooke said...

oh my goodness!!! i am SO SO JEALOUS!!! i was just looking at your older post about this house thinking...i would die to have that house! congratulations!!! it is perfect!

Shea said...

That house is soooo cute!! Congratulations! I found your blog on Oofa Luffa Le.

aLena said...

Yay how exciting, such a perfect lil' house to call home :)

Found your blog through Oofa Luffa Le, and I luv it!