September 15, 2009

Jerk of the Year Award.

I ususally don't post about this stuff but this made me so angry.

Now many of you watched the VMAs on Sunday night, as to your surprise as well as mine, this moment was not expected.

All I really have to say is Kanye, pull up your pants, shut your trap, sit back in your seat and realize after this "act of coolness" or whatever you may think it was, just shot your chance of beign the "COOL GUY" down the drain.

Oh and I gladly present this award to you, so give yourself a round of Applause for WINNING...


Im happy that Mr. Leno put you in your place and you too shared humility in front of millions, really Kanye, what would your Mom have said?

Kuddos to Taylor for winning Best Female Vid! You Rock Taylor. Keep on being you and maybe next year you'll get another VMA and yet again Kanye will go home with ZERO, because we all know that your music isn't very good and Kris Allen sung Heartless way better than you ever did...

Happy Tuesday,

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Kristin said...

What a classless moment!