September 11, 2009

Its Friday... Happy Dance!!

Today I am Happy.
Happy that I am able to live the life I have.
Ive watched:Willy Wonka and Finding Nemo countless times today.
Just because Nicholas wanted me to.
I tried to get Davony to walk to me today, she refused.
I successfully did nothing today around the house.
My post for today was blank as I wondered what the shimmy I was going to write about.
So this is what Im writing about today.
So tonight I will enjoy a few glasses of wine and do a Happy Dance.
Oh Lord.
Let the Sharades begin.
Happy Friday Y'all,

PS: I joined the Site The Secret is in the Sauce. You should check them out!


Jeanette said...

Hey! Visiting from SITS. We all need days like these. (May not see them as needing them at the time though! lol)

From Janes Oven said...

Hey girl,
Cute blog. I love nothing days...the only problem with nothing days is when my husband comes home and says what have you done to day and I look at him with a blank stair and try to come up with what I did. Ha ha

I also see that you have joined SITS congrats and good luck.

I myself am stopping by from SITS

Have a wonderful weekend

WhisperingWriter said...

Happy SITs Saturday Sharefest!

Hope you enjoyed your Friday :)