September 2, 2009

I know, I Know, I promised you pics from the beach yesterday, but things were hectic around usual...I had a list of errands that seemed to go on forever. Lunch date with Marlee, Something thats kept secret, doctor with Day Day, (She has Bronchitis, Poor thing!) Grocery shopping, and if your like me and HATE wal-mart, you can see the reason as to why this was the very last thing I did for the day. So I had inspection today and I love sleeping as long as my children will let me. (Im not an EARLY morning person.) I woke up at 730....can we say, bleh. Anyways, so I cleaned, cleaned, cleaned! I mean Im OCD on keeping my house spick and span. I have a fear someone will knock on my door and my house won't be presentable...okay I know, its bad. Its weird, when I was living with my parents, my room was a exxageration. And Mommy would always clean it up....Now, its weird because I feel like Im turning into my Mom....okay not as bad, I don't mop my floors...Everyday. So my day was hectic yesterday, but now that my house is amazingly will post what few pics I have, the really good ones belong to Paulina and Chrissie, so when I get those in my email, I will def post them so you can get a good laugh. So here's to a lazy day and my nap Im going to take...right now.

(The View from the our Balcony)

Maw Maw and Me

Me and Momma

My Sisters.


Preppy Coastee said...

Thank you!! I'm really happy w/ how the layout turned out. You are so tan; I'm jealous.

nicole addison said...

your sis is paulina? loove her! and i hate walmart, i can completely understand you're hatred ;) happy friday dear!

nicole addison said...

i'm in cary, right outside of raleigh! i hope you had a wonderful weekend dear :)