September 25, 2009

Friday Car Fieldtrip.

Hey Dolls.

We are leaving today for the dreaded 5 hour car fieldtrip from Mobile to Blount County! RAWR! I hate being in the car for hours, but atleast I get to spend it with Hubbs and the kiddos. Singing and Laughing and trying to get Hubbs to control his ROAD RAGE. I sometimes believe he needs to see a therapist about this. So pray I don't go crazy before we get there! Anyways, Tomorrow is a BIG day, I can't wait. Well Loves, Im going to leave you with this while we're on the road again!

Davony Ann Paige
September 26, 2008
7lbs 4:03PM EST

Now here she is just 1 year later.

Happy Weekend Ya'll,


Stefany said...

Oh my. She is freaking adorable!!!!

Happy birthday sweet Davony!

Have safe travels (I have a road rage prone husband too...) and have a great time!

(I love the song playing right now on here! whoohoo)

Kristin said...

I love the stuck out tongue. So stinking cute!

brooke said...

oh my goodness!!! she is so so adorable!!! and isn't it NUTS how fast time flies by?!?! it literally kills me...just wait before you know it they'll be in school and you'll look back and think uh.were was i the last 5 years?!?! hurry home lady so i can hear all about your trip!