September 30, 2009

Fatty Patty and her trip to Car Hail.

Fall is here in down south Alabama, YES!!!! Can you feel my excitment!?! Maybe not, but Im DEF thrilled!!! Anywho, so Im feeelinggg WAYYYYY better!!! Woot Woot! Bay Fest is this weekend and I couldn't be more excited! Bay Fest is a downtown music festival. I can't wait to see Billy Currington...ehh hmmm, yum. Couldn't get anybetter, btw....last night was total HAIL.

We met up with a few of our friends at Los Rancheros and after dinner we stood in the parking lot chatting with Marlie a bit before we were off to WM.........SQQIIIIIIIIIIIIIRRRREEEEECH.... We were going no where. The dang battery was dead....KAAPUUT. How does this happen, why car lords have you done this to me?

So not only did it die, the part that holds the battery in place decided to break.....

Now fatty patty (that would be myself) had to climb over into the back of the car and try to get the jumper cables out....uh huh...yeah. Of course the hatch wouldn't lift, so here I am dangling, bum in the air, in the middle of my two kiddos, Nick hitting my bum screaming I spank you MOMMY!!!!, Im there trying to open the stupid part that hides the spare and our jumper cables, I will ask again, WHY CAR LORDS, WHY??!!?? So after 30 mins of lots of silent F bombs, which by the way I hate that word, I finally got to the dang jumper cables.....

When I get my big self out of the back of the car, Im sweaty, stinky and want to vom, Mexican food, 2 margaritas and hanging over the back seat for 30+mins does not mix well....

Hubbs hugs me and says thank you babes. You are awesome. Whatev. Do not talk to me. I do not want to talk, I want to go home. BTW, I was laughed at half of the time. Marlie and Hubbs are quite the joksters. Te.he..he.

So off I go to WM, to find a battery for our loving Equinox. I was like dang 50 bucks for a stinkin battery...Urgh, Im trading you in tomorrow Equinox, you just wait. I no longer love you. So I go to the battery looker up thingy and to my surprise, it doesn't cost 50$ it cost 75. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME??

Hubbs is very impaitent and isn't a machanic, Im surprised he even knows where the oil goes... he tells me its broke. Excuse me??? WHATS BROKE????? The peice that holds the battery in. Really, WHAT THE SHIMMY do you suppose we do about this? Well, Marlie's Hubb is like MACHANIC MAN and say we have to have an extenstion??? WHAT? So to end this long dragged out story, little bitty equinox is still sitting there, enjoy the rain and smell of Mexican food, 25 mins away, awaiting his revival.

Please car lords! I beg you, bring Equinox back to life today, sometime before tonight.

Have a WUNDAFUL weekend ya'll!!!

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Stefany said...

Oh no! That just stinks. :(

My daughter's car is sitting in my driveway with a bad battery. She doesn't drive it yet so I guess she is lucky because I am not dropping another dime into that car. ha!

Lovely visual I got with your story. ;)