September 8, 2009

Beware...this post is pretty dang long.

Good Afternoon Tuesday!
I know, I know, leaving without saying Goodbye wasn't very nice of me. The reason for this is only beacuase I am definitely a Pro at Procrastination!! I was just stepping out of the shower and the Hubbs walked in. He seriously has an issue with me not being ready to leave, he goes all Cheif Squatting Dog on me. But he let me slide this time, because I wasn't feeling too shabby.
So off we drove.
5 hours with the road, trees and Labor day traffic.
We hadn't seen Nick in almost a week!
I couldn't wait to give him all the hugs and kisses he missed.
And so...over my Diet DP and Pasta Salad
I will show you just how amazing
our Labor Day Weekend was!!

Down By the River on a Friday Night.
This is so beautiful, yet so calming.

I'm deathly afraid of what might lurke in that water.

That's Right, Living here 18 years and yet,
I'm Still a Scare-dee Cat.
I finally got the courage to go down the Slip n' Slide.
But I was out in nothin' flat.

Saturday, Sweet Home Alabama, Roll Tide Roll
FYI: If you haven't noticed it, we are REALLY BIG Bama fans.

Saturday we spent the day getting ready for the BIG Game!

We had a blast, spending all day with family, even though there were some
pretty stinky farts, loud burps and ear aching yells.
I wouldn't trade it, due to the fun that comes with it.
Family gatherings in this family
are simply the BEST.

Sunday....Oh Sunday, why did you come so fast?

The newest member of the family, Buddy the Chameleon.
Through Out this tiny little weekend,
we laughed, swam, fished, and made smores.
But that's not the only thing we made.
We made some amazing memories,
I won't ever forget!

Snap Shots.

Paulina. I love this picture of her.

Nick has been begging us all summer to go fishing.
So Monday Came, we celebrated with
great food and a relaxing afternoon.
Then we were back on the Road.
I'll never forget you Labor Day 2009.


Paulina said...

love the picture of the little chameleon!!! And thanks for posting this picture of me (and not the other very very ugly ones!!!!)

love you girlie,
can't wait to see you again at christmas time!

Kristin said...

How cute is that? My little man has full Gator gear!