September 14, 2009


To my dear sister Paulina, I couldn't thank you enough for being so kind as to think I am lovely!! Not only did this make my day, because the last few days have been really tough on me, it's my first AWARD and I'm just GIDDY that it came from you!!!!! I am super excited and want to thank you Sister of Mine for being such an amazing person!! You are more than shabby, you my friend are FANTAB! Thank you Paulina and I love you, I hope you had an AMAZING 25th Birthday! Muah to you! Oh, and if you haven't Checked her out click on her name and it will send you straight there!
So, Im not too sure as how this works, but I want to pass this along to my blogging friend Preppy Coastee. You should drop by her blog and say hello! Even better she is a fellow Coastee, which makes us family...kinda! I enjoy her blog to the MAX and think its pretty dang ADORABLE! So Thank you Preppy Coastee for giving me something worth reading for the day!! Oh, and thank you again for doing what you do everyday for our country!

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Paulina said...

yaay! You deserve it!!! You rock, girl!