August 18, 2009

Winding Down

The Hubbs fam came to visit this weekend for a family affair before Lee, Paulina and Joaquin have to report in NYC. It would be the last time for a long time we would all be together. We had a remarkable time, there was 14 of us in our little 3 bed 2 bath apartment! Wowza I know, but it turned out to be an amazing time! We had a blast at the beach...which reminds me that Summer is winding down....which makes me very very sad, cause this has been an amazing summer. Anyways we also took a not expected road Biloxi, Ms to the Casinos, It was my first time and I can happily say the hubbs and I walked away only loosing 25 bucks, we won the other 75 back. YES! So this past weekend was great, good memories and great laughs, so here's to the winding down of Summer down 2009, Just can't wait for next summer, I have a feeling its going to be so much more amazing! Hope all of you have had an amazing summer full of memories and laughs. Oh and PS. Here's to Leebo, Paulina, and Little Joaquin to a FRESH new start in a New City, I pray that you guys make it safely and enjoy every bit of the BIG CITY, I have to admit Im a little jealous.... But God be with you and you all be blessed! Love you Guys!


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Paulina said...

Thanks girl!! You are very sweet!