August 31, 2009

Weekend Meet Monday

Hola Mi Amor's..
Ahhh, what an amazing weekend..full of fun, dancing, laughing, completely letting go and taking it easy! The beach was beautiful and so was the veiw from our condo!! We ventured to a Great Bar, The FloraBama, which I somehow drank 8 more beers than I needed to, (I felt like poop all day the next day) and danced to some great country music with the girls and ehh hmm... a Older Gentleman! (Who by the way twirled me more than Ive ever been twirled before.) I also rubbed a bald bouncer guys head, more than once, woah, maybe that was a little TMI, who knows, but I do know I did have the best time of my life with these women, who all by the way are such amazing women, I can't even start to explain my respect for each and every one of them. They make me laugh, cry and thankful I have them in my life. Im leaving you with this...

Here's to Women's Trip 2010!

PS Pics will be posted later tomorrow ")

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