August 8, 2009

Please excuse us...

So the Hubbs and I started P90x 3 days ago, which by the way will kick your ass, no if, ands, or buts about will make you NEVER want to be fat again....yes.. I said it...truth is obvious....So I think that this whole workout thing is making our marriage stronger for one and it gives us the chance to laugh like we did when we were dating.....I haven't laughed so hard in the last 3 years that I have in the last 2 days working out with Justin. From all the HAAAA YAAAAs from karate kicks and Wacky Jacks, or what he thinks a wacky jack looks like to my "Gorilla Squat" otherwise known as Jump Squat, but I guess thats what I looked like when I tried to impersonate the instructor....bahaha. I guess it goes to show just how close we are and brings back memories of all the silly things we use to laugh about, but most of all I look foward to the end of the work out when I can see he is proud of me..... and for that sweaty kiss or hug, and the occasional chest bump.

So Please excuse our Dirty-ness of this is quite horrible.

Here's to day 90..God that seems SO FAR AWAY!


Paulina said...

sweaty sweaty......grrrr!

Paulina said...