August 8, 2009

Not even Two Months..

Our little Girl, will be One. How crazy is it that time flies by and it seems as if you've been standing still the whole entire time, well, this time like 3 other birthdays ago...I was brought to reality. Woah, our sweet little baby will be a "BIG GIRL" in September. To Me its just crazy. So I have this "new" hobby, Painting, Ive always loved it and Im not very great at it but, I believe when it comes from your heart, thats when it shows its beauty. No matter what others may think. Justin's Mom gave me a dresser that was my Sister n' laws growing up and I decided to make it my very own personal Masterpeice for Davony's 1st birthday! Even though it was given to us from Justin's parents, I put my heart and soul into it just for her. So Anyways, I worked 2 days on it to make it PERFECT or perfect as perfect can get. I just can't believe she's going to be One in September. Its all truly Crazy to me, Shes almost walking, FINALLY figuring out what her knees are for... crawling, she's also a Pro and super duper fast doing her army crawl and her laughs get sweeter by the minute.... and almost 5 teethers later she will be One in less than 2 months...Here's to many more amazing years to you Davony Ann Paige. You are truly a blessing to us. WE love you! ♥ ♥ ♥

The Masterpeice♥
After 4 times of changing my mind from
just pink, pink with green dots, just pink again, to finally
Pink and Green Knobs, I think it turned out..

Im Not an artist in any way, shape, or form..
but, I think I I love it
exactly the way it turned out.

I think the boa put just the right touch on it.

So here She is, all smiles.
Hope You enjoy it
Just as MUCH as WE ENJOY You!

Happy Birthday Day Day!

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Paulina said...

love this painted dresser! you did a great job! Davony in her tutu is priceless!