August 20, 2009

My Darlings♥

Justin "Nicholas" Jr.

Im so Happy to say that You can makes me Laugh so hard sometimes.

You are such a Goof Ball!!! Makes me Love you EVEN MORE!!!

Davony Ann Paige

You are Such an Amazing little Girl, You make my heart Melt!

You're my little Stinker Boo!

I can't believe I have been blessed with Such an Amazing Family.

I couldn't Praise God enough for these Blessings!


Preppy Coastee said...

LOL!! I am a YN2 and I am stationed at the atlantic strike team out of fort dix NJ; I used to be on the cypress, which isn't at ATC but at the other coast guard base off of south broad st.

Woah, Mama♥ said...

My Nick Nick is so crazy and I hope you don't think this is his Bathing Suit, its his cousin's!! Oh, my Hubbs said he went to SKA school with a girl, Maria, who is stationed there. I met here while they were in Cali! So are you wanting to come back to Bama??