August 20, 2009

Memory Lane

A few months back my Mother and I were looking through some bins that she packed up when I moved out. I can't tell you how much stuff was in those bins, it was pretty ridiculous. My Mother being my mother OF COURSE kept everything, I ever looked at, yes I over exaggerate, a lot. Anyways we came to the bin that had all my books that I ever read, from the ABC's to My Chapter Books from High School.. There were like 50 plus books, So going through all of them I was like Oh this was my favorite book, No this was my fav, Mom LOOK this was my favorite!!! So going on for about 30 minutes, I discovered this book...... I had forgotten about this book, after all I was only 4 when it was given to me. It was given to me by someone I love dearly, someone I respect more than anything in this world, My Biological Mother Sylvia. ( As some of you know, I was adopted by my Great Aunt and Uncle when I was very young. If you need to hear the story go to the very 1st blog I ever wrote. Tells you the spill.) Anyways, I opened the book, just thinking I had bought it at a book fair, then I seen this...

March 23, 1991. It was my Easter Present. The tears immediately started falling, I was overjoyed I had found something that was so special, overwhelmed at the thought that I forgot about it. I had flash backs of her laugh, her smile, and every moment we spent together before she passed. I miss her. I miss everything about her. She was courageous in all ways, .

I just wish there cold have been more time, more time to laugh, and more time to talk. We used to have amazing conversations, that would last hours on in. She was always so honest with me and I loved that feeling of secreacy we had with one another. I remember the sound of her laugh, her smile, even her scent, even though it was usually of booze and cigarettes. I miss them, I miss her. But I know she's not suffering anymore and thats all that matters.

I never got to Thank her for being so wonderful. But if she knew just how much I love and respect her, I could just see that smile on her face.

I love You Momma Sib, and Thank You for always being you.

"Please Remember"
LeAnn Rimes

Time, sometimes the time just slips away

And your left with yesterdayLeft with the memories

I, Ill always think of you and smile

And be happy for the time I had you with me

Though we go our seperate ways

I wont forget so dont forget

The memories we made.

Please remember, please remember

I was there for you And you were there for me

Please remember, our time together

The time was yours and mine

While we were wild and free

Please remember, please remember me

Goodbye, theres just no sadder word to say

And its sad to walk away

With just the memories

Whos to know what might have been

Well leave behind a life and time

Well never know again

Please remember, please remember

I was there for youAnd you were there for me

And remember, please remember me

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The Lil Bee said...

I loved the Velveteen Rabbit growing up:)