August 21, 2009

Little Hero..Name Nicholas

So the night began with Dinner, the Stir Fry tasted like POOP so I threw it out, obviously Chinese/Japanese isn't my thing in the kitchen...which is fine, I kiss better than I cook anyways.

But right now I have to tell you about this Little Hero...
His Name is Nicholas, but as he perfers, BATMAN.

He Totally took advantage of Jumping on the Couch tonight.


In these pictures you will see that he has a band-aid on, this is only because he believes he is made out of rubber and concrete will not hurt him.

I cannot begin to tell you how many times in the 40 minutes we were taking pictures I almost pee'd myself.

So After this was coming to a end....
We Watched The Cat in the Hat and At some Yummy Popcorn.

(Ehh Hmm... Im Glad the Popcorn tasted better than the StirFry)

So after the Popcorn and the Movie....

My Little Hero FINALLY Gave in.

1 comment:

Paulina said...

sooooooooo cuuuutte! I am so glad he is feeling better!!!

Aunt Paul"wiener"
aka "pickle-ina"