August 20, 2009

Her Name is

Megan Christina Morrison.
(This Lil' Lady Happens to Be My Bestie.)

In the 6 years we've known each other...
You have always been here and there for me.

You Accept ME.
Even though I never look Straight at the camera.
I never thought I'd find a friend like you.

I appreciate the Heck outta you.
You are an amazing person.
I hope you know I love you Sister.
Thank you.

Thank You Mergz, for always accepting me, always believing in me, and most importantly, Thank you for helping me grow in Christ.

I love you Mae.

1 comment:

♥Aubrey said...

Isn't it wonderful to find such a gal to put all your faith and trust in. A sister as such true to core. What a blessing that you've found each other.