July 6, 2009

Something in the Fireworks....

There's just something about summer time that I can't get enough of..I don't know if its the smell of fireworks or the amazing sunsets God paints for us..but there is one more thing God pointed out to me..just the other day....Justin and I took Nicholas to his first baseball game..he loved it, I wish you could have seen the excitement in his eyes...it was so intriguing to watch his eyes dance to every move of the ball. Our Home Team Won! Go Bay Bears, I think Im becoming a baseball fan... Ive never really enjoyed it.... but hey its an awesome family tradition to start! I love the smell of the game, the nachos, the soda and the stance of the batter, praying to hit the team a homer. It was a delightful way to spend a Holiday with the people I love... Anyways, at the end of the Game, the announcer guy, came out onto the field, lowered the lights and asked all branches of military to stand when their branch was called..so of course Justin stood when they called out USCG, but a tear came to my eye and my heart dropped, he is my hero, one of our nations heros. No he doesn't serve over seas but he is an amazing person and serves his country well, in the job that he has, man I am proud to be a military wife. I am proud to be his wife. What he does is so amazing. So after they all sat down the fireworks began, my heart and tears began to drop, I live in this beautiful country and I have freedom to do and say as I please and for that moment, throughout that whole fireworks show, I cried, prayed and thanked God for all the many blessings in my life, my companion, my children, our families, everything for that moment, God showed me the beauty of my life through those fireworks...he showed me just how amazing his love is...I guess God just has a way sometimes of showing you the importance of the love you have around you and through those beautiful Fireworks... he made me realize just how beautiful life is for me and Im glad God stops you and makes you realize the things in life he's blessed you with and this was truly a experience I needed to endure.

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