July 31, 2009

Is it a dream or more of

A passion of mine, Ive longed to endure. An Addiction thats good for the soul, something that uproots my soul and gives me chills when something is so beautifully choregraphed. A part of me is still wishing I would have never stoped dancing, then another part is glad, because it has given me this drive, this passion, to start all over again and take a chance on myself. I feel so free when I dance, like I can tell my life story in movement and to me it just feels so amazing to let my soul go and be free. Its like a high, I can't get rid of when I let the music move me... I found a dance studio here in Mobile, Broadway South Dance Studio. Odds are if Justin makes 1st by September, I will be training, drum roll please....For.... Season 7 of So You Think You Can Dance. Dancing helps me express what Im going through, a relief for my soul to be free and be relaxed. Everyone has there thing, I have mine, and its Dancing....God I love it. Its beauty in its own. Even if I don't make it, I can always say I tried, thats all that matters and I can honestly say then I didn't give up. But we will see where I stand when the time rolls around. Its a dream and Hey, everyone has them, I just want to reach it! Everyone has that one thing they love and mine just happens to be dancing! You may think its silly but, I think its just
another dreamer chasing their dreams. ♥

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