July 20, 2009

Hand it down to me.

My Great Grandfather Cunningham was a Coal Miner, he was also a Security Guard after the hard years of working in the Coal Mines, he was a man of strength, obedience and all together hardworking, for his family of 6 in the old days it was hard to get by. My Great Grandmother Cunnigham was a Homemaker and she loved being with her babies and she taught her children cleanliness, to love, to have respect for everyone and be respectful to your home. The Love they had for one another brought everything together. They had no heat, no Refridgerator, and hardly no money, but they had love. He truly did the best he could do and as my mother tells me, that was enough... When my Grandparents married they didn't have a ring to signify their love for one another, they were too poor for that, so many years later after a lot of hardwork. sweat, and tears, my Grandfather bought this ring at a Flea Market Where he worked to pay for this ring he wanted my Grandmother to have. My Mother says he spoiled her with everything he could because he loved her so dearly. My Grandmother put the ring up, she cherished the ring, as she cherished my Grandfather's love. This ring is Antique, Over 50 years old. As beautiful as it is, I can imagine the excitment that my Grandmother had when he presented this grattitude of his love to her, I wish I could have seen it, I wish I could have witnessed him passing it along to my Mother before he passed. I bet it was just as exciting if not more when my mother passed it along to me. I feel a sense of privilage and happiness in wearing this ring. I think its beautiful, just as my grandmother was and mother is. It just makes me realize that with all how amazing my Great Grandparents truly were and how hardworking they were. They worked not only to protect their children but protect the love they had for one another that was so unconditional. I believe that every marriage has a story of its own, and I think that this marriage was painted beautifully, with hardwork, love and the strength to keep on going, even in the roughest of times. It gives me a feeling of hope, that no matter what we dont have, we still have each other and most of all we still have love. I one day wish to pass this down to my own daughter, that I love so much.

In loving Memory of

George William Cunningham,



Madelline Alma Epperson Cunnigham

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