June 30, 2009

The Land of Snow..

Let's Rewind a little...before the Land of Snow....
Falling in love with the man of my dreams happened way before my Junior year of high school..... But that was pure Puppy Love. We met at a local Skating Rink, Mega Rec. It was love at first sight! Haha ! Back then he was the heart throb of every little girl skating around that place, but who knew, the boy that was my first kiss would turn out to be the man I would call my Soulmate, Husband, Companion and the Father of our Beautiful Children. He was everything I had ever imagned. Handsome, Funny, and Trustworthy. September 27, 2003 we met again. So I avoided him, playing hard to get for a few weeks before I gave into meeting up with him at a party in town that night. Being 16 and in high school, its all about the fun. Partying was exactly what was on my mind....and before I knew it, he was all that was on my mind. That wasn't suppose to happen, I was crazy about him all over again.
So I met his amazing family. They were everything I dreamt about a family being. His family was HUGE, I was so amazed at how close everyone was, how much they cared and loved one another. I fell in love with them. They accepted me for who I was and who I wasn't. The complete opposite of what my family was. His mother and father are so deeply in love it shines through their eyes, his grandmother and grandfather are the most amazing people I've ever met till this day. Justin's father is such a kind, loving, and hardworking man. He took me under his wing, loved me, and made me feel like his own daughter. I couldn't thank him enough for being such an amazing fatherly figure to me when I didn't have one in my life. He was there for me when my own father wasn't.
Justin made the decision along with his Brother Lee and Cousin Keith to join the United States Coast Guard summer of 04'. I was scared of him leaving, he was all I had to hold me up when I needed someone the most. So, September of 04' they set off on a journey to serve our country and I was so lost without him. We have been through a lot and I thank God he brought us through all of it. He graduated in October 2004 and he asked me to marry him a week later and my heart was filled with all the joy in the world, my dreams were coming true, I was actually going to spend the rest of my life with the love of my life and he soon started living in Wisconsin. I visited him from time to time...Christmas Break and Valentines day. I filled his room with Red Balloons and in different balloons there was a note and he had to find all the balloons with notes inside. I missed him Oh So Much, everyday I missed him, the distance was so hard, but I believe that a strong love can conquer all, then graduation night came, I said goodbye to my friends that I had been with for 13 years and 2 days later I said goodbye to my family, his family and the town I grew up in and moved on...to the land of snow.
May 28, 2005....I was ecstatic getting off that plane in Green Bay. I was over joyed and ready to run and jump into the arms of my lover, and I did just that. We had an amazing time with friends he had made and introduced me to. This place was beautiful, quiet and had the most amazing sunsets I've ever seen. We decided to get married before he left for SK A School in Petaluma, California, it was a beautiful day, July 9, 2005. The Sun was shinning and my heart was beating out of my chest. I was anxious and I joked with my friend Krista about running away to Mexico...but I would never turn away from this man, he completed me. I was more than ready to walk down that path and to the edge of that beautiful lake.

I was Mrs. Justin Underwood. So only about a month after we got married Justin left for SK school in Cali, I was completely lost without him. So I caught a plane to Petaluma a week before his graduation. We stayed in the hotel there on base and hung out with his A school buddies, it was a great time. After graduation, we flew back to Bama, we had a second wedding being planned, one that all of our families could attend, in the moutains.. in Gatlinburg, Tn. It was beautiful and we stayed in a cabin, in the "honeymoon" suite. I definitley got everything I could ask for. So we went back to Alabama after the wedding, knowing in a few short weeks, we would be starting a new life, 12 hours away and then the big suprise came around that I was Pregnant, with our first little one!

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